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Recovery Trousers PRO-K6 CHARGE

  • 780.57 EUR

Optimal Recovery Recovery Trousers PRO – K6 CHARGE Finally the long awaited CHARGE is here! Trousers cover all the way up to the hip/groin.

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Supplier: Optimal Recovery

Optimal Recovery

Recovery Trousers PRO – K6 CHARGE

Finally, the long awaited CHARGE is here!

Available as boots or trousers

  • Rechargeable (works to charge and use at the same time)
  • Quick-connect
  • Faster recovery and better results
  • More effective training in less time
  • Lighter and fresher legs after training
  • No or shorter damage periods
  • A total of 6 customizable chambers
  • PULSE Fashion
  • 30-240 mmHG in pressure
  • 16 levels
  • Up to 5 hours of battery time
  • One of the models with most number of zones (chambers), highest pressure and best battery life on the market


The K6 model differs from the K4 in that it has more chambers. As many as 6 chambers that you can customize. Start the treatment and tailor it to your own needs and wishes.

When you wear the boots, waste products etc. is pushed back. This means that the blood flow, and thus the oxygenation and supply of nutrients, around the muscles increases, which contributes to rebuilding damaged tissue.

The treatment is pleasant and relaxing and completely free of risks and side effects.

The more chambers you choose, the more flexibility you will achieve, while the chambers become more fluidized.

After several years of development and testing, we have succeeded in producing the most powerful portable model on the market. Without putting a finger on the pressure on the machine. We never compromise on our famous quality.