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Recovery box (CRYO/HEAT) - Complete set

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Recovery Box - (CRYO/HEAT) Finally our new long awaited product is here! Recovery Box offers advanced technology for recovery. Get ready for the game!

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Supplier: Optimal Recovery

Recovery Box - (CRYO/HEAT)

Finally, our long awaited new product is here!

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The Recovery Box offers advanced technology for adjustable CRYO therapy, heating and periodic compression after injury, surgery or exercise. With specially adapted packaging, the Recovery Box provides the best treatment where it is needed. You easily manage pressure, temperature and time with just a few button presses. No more searching for ice to start the machine. You only need water (ice works too).

Cold and compression are routinely applied immediately after acute injury or after surgery to relieve pain, reduce swelling, and speed functional recovery.

The Recovery Box is unique in its kind. As it not only offers cooling but also heat and pressure. A combination that has been in demand for many years on the market.

With a weight of less than ten kilograms, the device is excellent to take with you wherever the practitioner or patient is, whether at home, on the training field or on a trip.

This is a COMPLETE system. 7 parts included (see below).

INTRO PRICE right now

  • Temperature: 5℃~40℃ 
  • Treatment time: 5-99 mins
  • Faster recovery and better results
  • Compression therapy, Cold therapy, Hot therapy
  • Bag with wheels included - for easier transportation of the Recovery Box
  • No or shorter injury periods
  • COMPLETE system containing: Hand, Arm, foot/ankle, knee, calf, elbow, thigh and waist
  • Color: available in black or white. White color if desired. Original color is black
  • 30-120mmHg in pressure
  • You do NOT need ice. Need only water (works with ice too)
  • 50*28*28.5cm

Helps increase blood flow, and thus oxygenation and supply of nutrients, around the muscles, which helps to rebuild damaged tissue.

The treatment is pleasant and relaxing and completely free of risks and side effects.

Cold and compression are routinely applied immediately after acute injury or after surgery to relieve pain, reduce swelling and accelerate functional recovery. compression therapy, heat therapy and cold therapy, 3 in one machine make recovery more possible and optional.

After several years of development and testing, we have succeeded in producing the most powerful portable model on the market. Without putting a finger on the pressure on the machine. We never compromise on our famous quality.